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Systems engineering position
Large systems corporation


We are looking for an expert systems analysis engineer to build and maintain a major gas company’s website and digital marketing

Job type: System Engineer (Web Development Engineer) Annual Data Analysis Engineer

Japanese level: At least JLPT N3 or other tests equivalent to JLPT N3
Annual salary: 4.5 million yen ~
Work location: Osaka 

Hotel employee position
Managed by real estate major


Develops high-end luxury hotels throughout Japan through diversified management and cooperation with foreign capital. (Managed by Marriott, Hilton and Sheraton))

Job Type: Reception, Restaurant, Multitask

Japanese level: At least JLPT N2 or other tests equivalent to JLPT N2
Annual salary: 2.6 million yen ~
Work locations: All over Japan

Engineer position
Gas major companies


Japanese gas power major company, founded in 1982 and we have completed more than 40,000 construction projects, from interviews to post-sales follow-ups. We offer customized improvements using specific systems and rules.

Job type: Design, CAD, Construction Management

Japanese level: At least JLPT N3 or other tests equivalent to JLPT N3
Annual salary: 2.7 million yen ~
Work location: Tokyo 

Sales position・Product management
Japanese confectionery factory


A Japanese confectionery shop that has been established for a long time. We are looking for employees who can provide product information. and planning various activities Through the management of the store

Job type: Store management

・Develop the cafe business and manage it efficiently.
・Planning collaboration with other companies in the same industry at the regional level
・Directly managed business department: Store management supervision
(HACCP compliance: hygiene,  labor, business operations, etc., etc.)

Japanese level: At least JLPT N2 or other tests equivalent to JLPT N2
Monthly salary: 200,000 yen~
Work location: Hiroshima

Front service staff position
Airport hotel


An airport hotel located next to a local airport is recruiting front desk staff

Job type: Hotel front desk staff

Japanese level: At least JLPT N2 or other tests equivalent to JLPT N2
Monthly salary: 200,000 to 240,000 yen

Welfare: Family welfare Overtime pay during the night shift and travel expenses
Salary increase: Once per year
Bonus: 2 times a year

There is a single dormitory and staff cafeteria

Work location: Osaka

Store management
Manufactures and sells Japanese and Western sweets Company

Untitled design (6)

We are looking for candidates for store management, marketing, overseas sales, and manufacturing

Job type: Marketing and Planning staff

Store management

Raw material ordering/inventory management

Overseas marketing and sales

・ Loading and unloading of products

Manufacture and assistance of Japanese and Western confectionery


Japanese level: At least JLPT N2 or other tests equivalent to JLPT N2
Monthly salary: From 190,000 yen ~

Welfare: Social Insurance, Employment Insurance, Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance, Health Insurance

Holidays: Two-day work by Shift system

Work location: Niigata

[Finance x IT] Customer contact point DX solution sales
Large systems Cooperation

Untitled design (7)

We are developing a solution business that supports financial institutions’ customer contact DX such as sales support/customer management (SFA/CRM), websites, contact centers, and marketing automation, and we will be in charge of customer contact DX solution sales.
In order to create new business for financial institutions, you will not only propose existing solutions but also be involved in planning unique solutions and collaborative solutions with domestic and overseas vendors while incorporating ISID’s strengths and values.

・More than 2 years of sales experience in customer contact DX solutions
・Over 2 years of experience in planning, implementing, or operating customer contact point DX solutions at your company or bank
・More than 2 years of experience in implementing or operating customer contact DX solutions at an IT vendor
*Customer contact DX solutions refer to sales support (SFA), customer management (CRM), CX improvement, contact center management improvement, websites, marketing automation (MA), customer data platform (CDP), etc.

Japanese level: At least JLPT N2 or other tests equivalent to JLPT N2
Monthly salary: 280,000 yen to 600,000 yen

Bonus: Twice a year (June/December)
Salary increase: Once a year
Various allowances: Commuting allowance (full payment), child allowance, hospital completion allowance, telecommuting allowance, etc.

*Company regulations apply to the payment of allowances.

Work location: Tokyo

Do you want to work in Japan and grow your career?

Did you know that you can apply for a long-term work visa in Japan? And do they have the same or even higher standards than Japanese people?

Japan’s population is aging and the workforce is shrinking. And the country is starting to set up a system to accommodate more foreigners

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Our Japanese staff will be on hand to help you. It recommends suitable workplaces and helps you perform well even in unfamiliar workplaces

Passion Japan
Chief Operating Officer
Ms. Rieko Saegusa

Foreigners recruiting those
who want to work in Japan!

Was hired as a regular employee
(Annual income: 2.6 million to 6 million yen)

Japanese employees will provide
full employment assistance

Can start work within 2 months

Many job openings from leading companies

Industries and careers that can be recommended

Overview of residence status and application conditions

Job application process and schedule

You can get a job in Japan within 2 months!

Foreigners recruiting those
who want to work in Japan!

Was hired as a regular employee
(Annual income: 2.6 million to 6 million yen)

Japanese employees will provide
full employment assistance

Can start work within 2 months

Many job openings from leading companies

Reviews from job applicants who have used the service

Miss Chitladda Inmuang
(Thai nationality, working at a Japanese style hotel – ryokan)

In 2020 during the coronavirus outbreak I quit my job without getting a new one. I use the same job application website as Japanese people. In the end, it was not as expected. Made me unemployed for 5 months.
When there is a problem I consulted with a Taiwanese friend who got a job at a leading e-commerce company.
He said that he got this job through a recommendation from Passion Japan, so he suggested that I apply for a job with this company.
I got a new job with help from writing my resume to coaching for job interviews.
I currently work in the hotel industry which is a service job. It’s a very good place to work. Everyone was kind and we all got along well.
As if that weren’t enough, Passion Japan has helped me whether it be work or life.
After coming to work I met the hotel owner and caretaker. So it makes me work with peace of mind.
In addition, Passion Japan has followed up and taken care of me throughout my working period for 1 year.

Miss A, female
(Taiwanese nationality Works at a trading company)

I heard that job interviews in Japan are very difficult. So I was very worried whether it would turn out well or not. But I practiced for many job interviews until I was perfect. And I received advice about making a resume from Passion Japan, so I wasn’t worried. And also gave me encouragement. So I went to the interview with confidence. Moreover, even after starting work The employment agency is happy to give advice on every problem.
especially He gave advice on writing a resume. Content of previous work and writing to introduce yourself to stand out and how to write personality traits and various skills to get the interviewer’s attention The next step is job interview etiquette.
Even though Japanese is not my native language. But if you want to work in Japan You must be able to speak like a Japanese person. So he taught me how to speak, speed, and practiced many times. He also taught me to take care of myself. How to tie hair
holding things And shoes too “It’s a very sensitive matter!”  I thought it was something serious. But if I could really do everything he taught me, It will definitely make an impression.

Miss B, female
(Taiwanese nationality Work at a luxury hotel)

When I first started looking for work on my own, It’s very difficult. In the end, it was not as expected.
But Japanese teachers teach that the most important thing is to practice speaking loudly every day with confidence.
After practicing the introduction several times, I was finally able to do it.
Now I have learned many things and am very excited. Everyone at the hotel is very kind and it is very fun.
I am grateful from my heart for being able to find a good job.
The recommended company looks very interesting.
I received a recommendation from an employment agency. And what you learned was useful during your work.
There are people to help you when you’re looking for work.
There are people available to give advice on various matters.
It’s really reassuring. Even now I’m always getting help.


Q: What if I do not receive an employment offer after the interview Will there be a cost?

A: There is no cost. We will receive money from the companies that hire the applicants. Therefore, applicants do not have to pay any fees.

Q: What is the difference between highly skilled human resources, technical intern trainees, and specified skilled workers?

A: Highly skilled applicants are those who are working after receiving an Engineer/Humanities/International Services visa. (A country with specialized knowledge in technology)
You can use skills from universities and graduate schools abroad, in Japan, or at Japanese vocational schools. 
Use those skills and knowledge to do the same job as Japanese people.
Additionally, there is no set period for working in Japan. This is different from technical interns and workers with specific skills. Therefore, if you renew your status of residence You will be able to work in Japan for the rest of your life.
If you follow the steps  You can apply for a permanent visa within 10 years
You can bring your family to Japan on a family visa.
Companies are not required to report to the government. This is not the same as technical interns and skilled workers.  
There is no need to pay processing fees. Which can also lead to reducing costs.

Q: Isn’t it difficult to get a visa?

A: There will be an operator processing of visa applications for you. Don’t worry, please prepare all necessary documents.

Q:  What should I do about insurance??

A: After working with the company You will receive the same social security protection as Japanese employees.

Q:   What should I do about housing?

A: Renting a residence in the name of a foreigner is difficult. Therefore, the company may ask you to find a place where you can travel. The applicant must be responsible for the rent.

Q:    Will something happen? What if I’m worried about communication due to language barriers?

A: Don’t worry at all. We have a training system to improve your Japanese language level before joining the company.

Q  : Can you cope with the differences in life and culture in Japan?

A: Depending on the process, we will provide you with knowledge about life, culture, and etiquette in Japan. Including those who registered Those who receive an offer of employment After working with the company We will also follow up with applicants after working with the company.

Service Provider

Business: Management Consulting, Recruiting Support